ICSHM 2015 Overview

ICSHM is a biennial conference focusing on advances in self-healing materials science, engineering, and technological applications. Since its first edition in 2007, the mission of this conference is to provide a high-level international platform for the field of self-healing materials. ICSHM attracts a diverse, multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers from around the world and provides a venue for reporting and observing the current state of the art and research results in the field. The conference provides a welcome environment for a mixture of academic, government and industrial researchers, managers, and policy makers.

The scope of ICSHM2015 encompasses all classes of self-healing materials including polymers, ceramics, metals, and composites, while bio-inspiration serve as model systems that guide research in the emergent field of self-healing. A broad spectrum of industries are impacted and represented by the field including aerospace, automotive, transportation, microelectronics, architecture, electronics, medicine, and manufacturing.

Based on local expertise, at ICSHM2015, we will introduce the community to the newly emerging field of self-healing biomaterials and biomedical implants. Other features of ICSHM2015 will be continuation of student travel and poster awards, as well as planned and self-initiated opportunities to experience cultural and recreational features of Durham and the surrounding region.

+1 (919) 660-5206 • icshm2015@duke.edu